Water / Plumbing Fixtures

Faucets, Toilets, and Water Heaters, Oh My! 

Is your faucet broken, leaking, or just out of date?

Need a new water heater, sump pump, or toilet?

DuPage County Plumbers can handle all of your repair and replacement needs, no job is too small!

Sewer / Drain Rodding

From clearing your toilet clog, to replacing your entire sewer line, DuPage County Plumbers is prepared to meet all of your sewer and drain needs. Camera inspections, Rodding individual fixtures or whole mainlines call us today!

Water Heater Flushing / Service

Annual maintenance and cleaning of tankless water heaters. Flush out of standard tank water heaters to extend useful life. Schedule at your convenience!

Gas / RPZ-Backflow

Install Gas lines for fireplace, BBQ, pool heaters, gas ranges and more. When Nicor shuts your gas off because of leaks, call DuPage County Plumbers to get you up and running in no time! 

Have a letter from the Village that your Backflow valve needs to be tested? DuPage County Plumbers is licensed to handle all of your backflow needs.

Bathroom Remodel

Call today to schedule an estimate. From a basic refresh, to a full tear out and rebuild, exciting things can be happening in your home soon!